merci, for being you.
merci, for being you.
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Thank you means merci.

Finest chocolate, made from selected ingredients and individually wrapped in gold: this is how merci made its way into people’s hearts since 1965. Not surprisingly, as merci is the gift to give as a very special thank you. Thank you means merci - merci, for being you.

merci Finest Selection

The classic merci – carefully selected chocolate varieties, made with the finest ingredients: Great Variety and Milk Variety.

merci Petits

merci Petits are small, individually wrapped chocolates, that come in various popular merci flavors.

Thank you means merci. Today, in more than 100 countries all over the world, people say thank you with merci.


Launch of merci in Japan

In 1996, the brand was launched in various countries in the APAC region such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more.


Small treats, pure pleasure

The brand family grows once more: since 1995, Germany, the popular merci varieties are also available as small treats – initially marketed as merci Pur. The perfect product for treating yourself, offering to guests and sharing with friends.

merci 1995: Small treats, pure pleasure


The brand family grows

The chocolate speciality merci Crocant, merci chocolate with a filling of hazelnut & cream crocant pieces and chopped almonds, was launched in 1994, Germany.

merci 1994: The brand family grows


A claim conquers the world

Since 1988 "merci, for being you" is that special way to say thank you. At this time merci Finest Assortment already comes in 8 carefully selected varieties.

merci 1988: A claim conquers the world


merci from the bottom of my heart

Start of the success story! In 1965, Germany, Storck surprised the world with a totally new type of chocolate: a selection of fine chocolate bars, individually wrapped in gold – the ultimate way to say thank you.

merci 1965: merci from the bottom of my heart